YuYu Warm Worm Benjamin (Blue)

  • £33.00

Benjamin knows a lot about space and his friends are amazed by his fascinating facts. He always watches the stars before he falls asleep. He also loves animals and likes learning how to care for them. Fierce lions, speedy cheetahs and ginormous snakes do not scare Benjamin!

YuYu’s snuggly Warm Worms are the friendliest bed buddies in town and ideal for keeping little fingers and toes warm and cosy all night long.

Our playful and colourful covers are easy to care for and come in a washable 100% cotton coat. Your only decision is to choose which worm is going to be your hot new friend.

Self contained shoulder strap feature!

Our worms also have a clever design feature on the back of the head. You will notice a small piece of Velcro, which not only acts as a second layer of protection from little fingers but also means the Warm Worm wraps around the neck like a scarf, tucking in to itself to secure. Just gather the tail of the worm and swirl it around your shoulders and slip it into the back of the worm’s head.


We suggest you drop a little essential oil on the surface just before bedtime and allow the warmth of the bottle to help your little one drift off into a deep and blissful sleep.

Other features!

All of the covers have a YuYu branded printed lining and ALL products are carefully crafted to meet our high quality standards and to withstand every day usage.


Dimensions: 81cm x 13cm
Made with: 100% natural Sri Lankan rubber (biodegradable)


All our hot water bottle covers are machine washable at 30°.

When not in use, keep your YuYu Bottle empty of water and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. We recommend hanging the bottle upside down with the stopper off so that the bottle becomes completely dry inside. The bottle should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight.