YuYu Navy Fleece wearable super soft cover & long hot water bottle

  • £33.00


Our super soft Luxury Fleece collection are high up on our bestsellers list and for good reason. They will uplift your cosy evening at home and will become an essential part of your self-care toolkit. 

Save energy and turn your air conditioning off at night

The double fleece cover also acts as the ideal insulator when using the YuYu rubber bottle with iced water, allowing just the right amount of coolness through the cover to keep you comfortable and refreshed during those hot nights. Absolute Game-Changer!

Revolutionary wearable strap

Each cover includes our wearable strap feature. enabling you to tie your YuYu Bottle around your shoulders or abdomen and pin point those painful spots. 



• Dimensions: L81xW13cm

• Material: Sri Lankan grade A natural biodegradable rubber bottle, 100% polyester fleece.

• Requires less than a kettle to fill up (less than 1 litre), cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle trap air within the fabric making it stay warmer for longer.


All our hot water bottle covers are machine washable at 30°.

When not in use, keep your YuYu Bottle empty of water and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. We recommend hanging the bottle upside down with the stopper off so that the bottle becomes completely dry inside. The bottle should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight.