About Us

Hi and welcome to Vintage IndiaUK, a new aspiring company, bringing unique luxury gifts and our natural sustainable home fragrance range Aroma Escapes.

I have a love for unique timeless gifts and really struggled to find quality gifts, home accessories and home fragrances at an affordable price.

I find giving gifts is something of importance as it should be something that makes the recipient feel good, feel special, otherwise what’s the point!   When buying gifts, I feel very passionate in finding something new, something different that the recipient will love, use and remember that it was something they received from me.

Aroma Escapes has been my passion from way before Vintage IndiaUK was an idea.  There is something about smell that takes me away to another place far away and creates a feeling and emotion inside of me, whether it’s the smell of freshly cut, grass, sea air, freshly baked bread or even herbs and spices, besides my home has always been full of candles!

I wanted home fragrances that I could safely use in my home without releasing any toxins into the air I was breathing.  I always struggled to find scents that I totally loved so I created my own Aroma Escapes range, which consists of 3 collections Chakra Escapes, Spa Escapes and Fragrance Escapes. 

These are a range of luxury candles and reed diffusers which are 100% sustainable and are available in recycled glass!  All our candles are all 100% natural plant wax, with 8% essential oil or 8% fragrance oils, no alcohol or paraffin and our reed diffusers contain 20% essential oils or 20% fragrance oils with no alcohol, made in the UK and compliant with UK standards.

Our current luxury vintage tealight holder range has been handpicked to represent luxury, simplicity, classic and timeless elegance at an affordable price.  Each hand-crafted piece is personally sourced from the UK, Europe and Asia.  The luxury tealight holder and Aroma Escapes range have been designed to enhance the beauty of your own home or make a perfect gift, unique favours or corporate gifts.

 Vintage IndiaUK is a London based, international boutique business established in August 2017, with clients across the globe in the UK, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and Australia.   

Our website www.vintageindiauk.com enables all our amazing customers to shop our wonderful array of products any time of the day or night, with personalised customer service directly to you in the comfort of your own home. 

Thank you for visiting us at Vintage IndiaUK, please enjoy your shopping experience with us!