43. 30cl Spa Balance Candle

  • £40.00


Lavender, Geranium & Tea Tree

The Balance candle is designed to help you let go of the stresses of the world and make you feel balanced, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-charged for whatever life throws at you.

Included is :

  • Vegan friendly 30cl candle in recycled glass, made from 100% natural plant wax and a cotton wick, made with 8%  Lavender, Geranium & Tea Tree Essential oil.  
  • Elegant and stylish stainless candle lid

This candle contains no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products and is 100% alcohol free.

The Candle is designed to burn all the way down and not just in the middle, burn time of up to 60 hours.

Please clean and re-use glass.



  • Place on a level surface and never handle when lit
  • First time use, burn for one continuous hour to ensure even burning.
  • Trim wick to 5mm
  • Container will get hot on sides and base
  • Cover candle with lid when not in use

This product is made in the UK exclusively for Vintage IndiaUK Ltd.